Natural Wood House Siding


Natural Wood House Siding has the most options for a unique curb appeal with your home. From different woods available to different or custom profiles, you can make the look you want.

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Natural Wood Siding is continually sought after for its classic luxurious look and unique characteristics. Almost limitless in its workability it gives Home Owners, Architects, Designers, Builders, and Craftsman Exterior Finishers the option to create truly one of a kind exteriors. Common species used for siding include but are not limited to, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Pine, and Spruce. Being that these species of trees are native to Western Canada, Natural Wood Exterior Siding made from these species perform extremely well in our climate. Unlike Fiber Cement Siding or Engineered Wood Siding, with Natural Wood Siding you are not limited to specific manufactured profiles. By starting with raw boards, the siding profiles you can create are only limited by your imagination! Natural Wood Siding is a great option whether you use it to clad your entire exterior, use it as accent pieces on specific areas of your project, or use it selectively to highlight other features of your project. Choose Natural Wood Siding for a timeless look.

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Natural Wood House Siding

Natural wood siding is a very durable siding option. You commonly see natural wood siding on alpine homes in the mountains or in the cities in certain communities. It's a classic look that requires less and less maintenance the longer you have it on your house due to the newer maintenance products absorbing into the wood and lasting much longer than years ago. With different profiles of natural wood, you can create unique looks and samples to give you that unique curb appeal and look different than any other house on your street. If you are looking for unique, natural wood siding is the choice for you.

Did you know? You can make a custom profile from natural wood to give your house a unique siding look.