Vinyl House Siding

Do you have damaged vinyl siding? Let’s talk about better siding options for your house.

If you’re looking to buy vinyl siding… you won’t find it here! You don’t have to travel too far around our great city after an “all too common” extreme weather event to see houses whose exteriors that look more like Swiss Cheese, rather than a home. While it is a very popular option for builders to use vinyl siding, it is popular because it is very cheap, not because it is good at protecting your home. Mountain View Building Materials sells the best exterior siding products for our climate. If you want to protect the biggest investment of your life, and you have a choice through your builder, choose any other siding product besides Vinyl! You will thank us after our first hail storm!

We sell more durable options than vinyl siding


Natural Wood Siding

We offer Cedar, Fir, and Spruce siding options sourced from multiple British Columbia and Alberta Mills and are available clear or knotty depending on your taste! Common profiles include T&G, Bevel, Channel, and Board & Batten, and custom run siding profiles are available.

Engineered Wood Siding

We offer Canadian Made Engineered wood siding by a company called LP Building Products. You can choose from multiple factory finished colors, or paint it custom colours to match your design. Siding and Trim options from LP include:

Fiber Cement Siding

We offer Allura and James Hardie Fiber Cement siding which is durable, non-combustibility (a requirement in wild fire prone areas) and resistance to woodpeckers, insects, fungus, and UV damage. 

Metal Siding

We offer Metal Siding from the Alberta-based Lux Architectural Panel featuring a large collection of colours and profiles, from wood grain to solid colours. Also custom Metal Siding/Roofing/ Eavestroughs are available.