Engineered Wood House Siding


Our Canadian made Engineered Wood Siding by LP Smartside Building Products, is the most durable, user friendly, exterior siding product on the market today. Choose from multiple factory finished colors, or have it custom painted for a one of a kind project.

The benefits to engineered wood house siding is virtually endless.

It combines the durability and the workability of fiber cement siding but you get some of the benefits of natural wood siding.

The engineered wood siding we sell, such as LP Smartside is made in Canada and is able to withstand the stringest winds, the strongest hail and all of the elements you may receive in Canadian weather.

Being that it is durable and easy to work with, it is an excellent option rather than using vinyl siding, which we have all seen recent weather destroy on houses.

Mountain View Building Materials is proud to say they buy their engineered wood siding from a Canadian manufacturer.

Better options for Vinly Siding

Better options for Vinly Siding

Better options for Vinly Siding

Better options for Vinly Siding

Engineered Wood Siding

Engineered Wood Siding has long been regarded as the best exterior siding product for your home. Engineered Wood Siding is manufactured by combining wood strands (like OSB Plywood) or wood fiber (like MDF Board) with resin and wax to make it waterproof, then the components are heat compressed together to create a dense, weatherproof, extremely durable, low maintenance product, which has the workability of traditional wood products, but the lengthy warranties of manufactured siding products. Engineered Wood Siding is fully paintable and stainable, available in an array of factory finished colors, or primed for you to apply any custom color to. With a wide variety of profiles to choose from, such as Traditional Lap Siding & Board and batten, Engineered Wood Siding is an excellent choice for any Exterior Siding application.

Did you know? Our Engineered Wood Siding Products are made here in Canada.