Let’s Build Your Dream Deck

Decking options we sell at Mountain View Building Materials

A new deck build has many factors to consider including which type of decking you may want for your project. Here are some of the decking options we offer.

Composite Decking

Composite decking products present a plethora of benefits. Composite decks can last for over 25 years with minimal upkeep, needing only an annual gentle cleaning with soap and water. Despite their higher upfront cost compared to standard wood, they offer better long-term value considering their longevity and lower maintenance expenses. Composite decking also champions sustainability by using recycled materials, and their manufacturing process produces no wastewater. These decks assure increased safety as they're free from toxic chemicals or splintering, and they maintain the aesthetic appeal of natural wood with a variety of hardwood and exotic wood grain finishes available. Ease of installation and a range of supportive products make composite decking an optimal choice for home decks. Even with the initial cost of composite decking, the minimal maintenance requirements and extended lifespan make it a value-packed, sustainable, and safe alternative to traditional wood decking.

Our composite decks are sourced from top manufacturers like Fiberon, Azek, Timbertech, Deckorators, Trex, and other major brands suitable for use in Alberta’s climate. 

We’re proud to carry over 20 different styles for your homestyle and deck needs!

In fact, we love composite decking so much we have an entire page dedicated to telling you more about the unique features composite offers to Calgarians looking for durable and beautiful decks, the brands we carry, the colours we love, pricing, and more…

Cedar Decking

cedar decking

Our cedar is sourced from environmentally-responsible companies in Revelstoke and the Okanagan. 

  • 2×6 Kiln Dried S4S Select Tight Knot Premium Cedar
  • 5/4×5 Kiln Dried S4S Select Tight Knot Premium Cedar
  • 8’-20’ Lengths

Cedar decking is renowned for its natural resilience to rot, mold, and bugs due to inherent chemicals, promising a lasting lifespan. It is an economically viable choice, with a price point higher than treated wood but considerably lower than composite or vinyl products. Cedar is locally sourced and easy to obtain, providing an environmentally conscious choice. Its maintenance is both simple and inexpensive, allowing for easy repairs such as board replacement, staining, or painting. With a pleasing aroma and an enduring, appealing look, cedar decks offer a lifetime of use if cared for properly. Maintenance has become even more effortless with the advent of penetrating oil stains, which require no sanding or stripping. Cedar outperforms treated spruce mixes in appearance and durability and is easy to repair in case of scratches or splintering. Left untreated, cedar acquires an attractive grayish patina. As such, cedar is a preferred decking choice for its longevity, ease of maintenance, and timeless beauty.

Treated Decking

treated lumber deck boards

Our treated decks are sustainably harvested from Alberta and BC Forests and treated locally by Taiga Building.

Pressure-treated wood, popular for outdoor projects like decks and fences, offers remarkable durability and resistance against rot, decay, and insect damage due to a chemical treatment. Despite its initial cost being higher than untreated lumber and the need for sealing or painting to protect against the elements, it's considered a wise investment given its low maintenance needs and longevity.

Batu Decking

batu deck boards

Our batu decks are specially sourced from Nova USA Wood Products and include exotic hardwood that’s sustainably harvested.

Nova's Batu decking, a selected Shorea genus hardwood known for its hardness and natural durability, offers the classic look of Mahogany, requiring minimal maintenance for upkeep and ensuring customer satisfaction through rigorous kiln-drying, inspection, and a commitment to high quality and consistency. Batu is a popular choice for decking due to its rich appearance, high resistance to insect damage, fire, decay, and environmental changes, and durability that ensures the material's beauty and structural integrity. Batu decking requires minimal maintenance, holds finishes well, and can be installed using high-quality hardware and either face installation or hidden fasteners.

If you’re looking for big deck energy – you’ve come to the right place!

The building experts at Mountain View believe that a deck should be an outdoor living space constructed to enhance the at-home outdoor experience! A properly designed and built deck is truly an extension of the home. It should be designed with the clients intended use and lifestyle in mind, as well as the environment it’s being built in.

Do you love to entertain? If so, design features should include:

  • Lots of area for mingling and socializing
  • Ample seating room to allow people to break off into different conversation groups
  • Built-in BBQ area or built-in kitchen
  • Flat top surfaces for areas to place food and drink
  • Sound system consideration
  • Sufficient lighting, so the entertaining can carry on long after the sun goes down

Are you more into a secluded oasis? Then design considerations could include:

  • Privacy screens
  • Planter boxes surrounding the deck to allow for natural vegetation to provide an additional privacy barrier
  • Ample room for seating in different areas to allow the homeowner to either hide from or follow the sun throughout the day
  • Lighting to enhance the evening relaxation mood

Don’t forget you’re in Alberta where we have crazy weather too! It’s smart to consider the elements when planning your deck build. We all know Calgary, Cochrane, Bragg Creek, and beyond can get snow in June and sunny days in January too, so you may want a deck that protects from the elements.

We are all about helping you design your dream deck to relax on, watch your kids play, host family and friends for barbecues, sun bathe, read, have cocktails…

We supply deck building materials to Calgary and area contractors, home owners, home builders, do-it-yourselfers and beyond. Whatever your building project needs, our family-owned and operated business provides quality, service, and knowledge. We even offer online and phone orders and delivery for added convenience.

Did you know Mountain View Building Materials carries the largest stock of composite decking in the Calgary area?

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At Mountain View, we think of composite decks as forever decks. They have greater durability and less maintenance. Composite decking holds up better under hot or cold weather shifts, like we see here in Calgary all too often. Composite decks are also resistant to rot, mold, and termites, which can take their toll on wood decking materials.

With composite decking being the fastest-growing wood decking alternative on the market, we’re proud to carry the best-selling lines from all the best brands. Different sizes, different colours, different designs – we love how composite decking products are also focused on sustainability, using recycled materials to save millions of trees!

We do our very best to source our products as locally and sustainably as possible, and ensure the highest-quality products to meet the demands of Alberta’s unique climate.

From design to choosing the building materials for your new deck, we’ll connect you with a contractor to complete your build and work with you every step of the way to ensure your deck is done right.

When we understand your location, budget, style, and maintenance needs, we will be able to help you make the best decisions for your decking project!