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Cedar wood can showcase various appearances, influenced by factors like the specific type, cutting technique, and finishing. Natural cedar features a warm reddish-brown color with prominent grain patterns. Over time, it weathers to a grayish-silver hue, which adds a rustic charm. Cedar can be stained to alter its color while retaining the grain's visibility, or painted to match specific preferences. Clear-coating cedar enhances its natural tones and grain while providing protection. These variations give cedar a versatile and distinctive aesthetic appeal.

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Cedar and pressure-treated boards are the most commonly used lumber in various exterior construction applications due to their durability, affordability, availability in Canada, and resistance to decay. Here are some common uses for each type of board:


  • Siding: Cedar is a popular choice for exterior siding due to its natural beauty, resistance to rot and insect damage, and wide availability in Western Canada. Cedar is also well known for its workability, specifically with siding. Cedar Siding is manufactured in a variety standard profiles that you can even find on historical houses that are 100+ years old, and can also be made into almost any custom profile you can dream up.
  • Decking: Cedar decking boards are frequently used for outdoor decks, patios, docks, and pool decks, due to Cedars naturally occurring chemicals that make it resistant to moisture and decay. Cedar Decking is sustainably sourced and harvested, is the classic Canadian choice for deck boards, and is still our number one selling deck board.
  • Fencing: Cedar boards make excellent fencing materials due to their low maintenance requirements and durability. Cedars natural resistance to rot allows you to burry the posts in the ground, and have the fence boards in direct contact with the ground without any preparation to the boards. Cedar fence boards and fence posts are known for their long life span so your fence will look great for decades.
  • Outdoor furniture: Cedar is often used to construct outdoor furniture like tables, chairs, and benches because of its natural beauty, and resilience to all sorts of weather. Because of its low maintenance properties you will often find Cedar Adirondack or Muskoka chairs and furniture adorning docks, decks, and patios in some of the most trying weather conditions
  • Interior paneling: Cedar paneling is often used indoors for its aesthetic appeal, particularly in spaces like cabins, pool rooms, rustic-themed rooms, and saunas. Interior Cedar Paneling or accent features are an excellent way to add natural elements to soften the feel or add character to any room

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  • Deck framing & Deck Boards: Pressure-treated lumber is most commonly used for the structural framing of decks, and other exterior projects including posts, beams, headers, and joists. It provides strength and resistance to decay and insect infestation due to the chemical process used in production. While there is still some traditional green pressure treated products available, the lions share of Pressure Treated Lumber you see now is a much more visually appealing Brown. Narrower widths such as 2x6 or 5/4x6 Pressure Treated Lumber are a common choice for those looking for a more economical deck board.
  • Retaining walls: Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF) Pressure-treated boards can be used for constructing retaining walls, ensuring they can withstand moisture and soil contact. PWF Pressure Treated Lumber under goes a more intense treatment process allowing it to be buried in the ground, or in constant contact with the grounds surface.
  • Outdoor structures: Pressure-treated wood is often used for constructing outdoor structures like pergolas, sheds, and walkways as it offers durability, enhanced resistance to the elements, with the same workability and availability of Standard Spruce Framing Lumber.
  • Landscaping features: Certain Brands of Pressure-treated boards are suitable for Building raised garden beds and borders that come into contact with soil. Our Taiga Tanatone Pressure-treated lumber IS suitable for use as raised vegetable gardens.
  • Utility structures: Pressure-treated wood is often used for constructing utility structures such as decks, stairs, ramps, and bridges, as it provides strength and longevity.
It's important to note that pressure-treated lumber is treated with chemicals to enhance its durability. Some Pressure-treated lumber brands are not recommended for use in applications where it may come into direct contact with food or drinking water. Check with your supplier to confirm its suitability.

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