Outdoor Kitchen Units, Cabinetry and Grills

Select a pre-designed Coastal kitchen island, crafted to fit your space and provide an immediate entertainment solution. These islands are the ideal selection for those seeking a fuss-free alternative requiring zero assembly. They've taken care of all the essentials to construct a complete kitchen unit, furnished with a countertop and prepared for immediate use after you put it in place.

We do our very best to source our products as locally and sustainably as possible, and ensure the highest-quality products to meet the demands of Calgary + areas unique climate. Visit our Project Insipration Showroom to source the best building materials!


Challenger products come with an array of standard features. This includes a 304 Stainless Steel 9” pull and adjustable 4” legs made from the same high-quality steel. They have an integrated back panel and shelf system for additional storage, alongside a standard door style for aesthetic consistency. The drawer boxes come in a powder-coated textured black finish and are equipped with full-extension drawer slides for ease of use. Selected models (67.25-GWS, 80.875-WGDDS, and 90.125-WGRS) come with a standard 15” drop-in Stainless Steel Bar Sink equipped with a faucet. Additionally, our products can accommodate most 32" or smaller gas grills with a cutout width of 30.75" or less.

COASTAL SERIES 67.25 X 36.25 X 25"

This outdoor kitchen series are a pre-designed island that fits your space, are easily installed and allow you to start entertaining right away. These outdoor kitchen islands are a great choice if you are looking for a hassle free option that requires no assembly. We’ve covered all the basics to create a kitchen unit complete with a counter top, that is ready to use when it arrives at your door. Challenger design outdoor kitchen units

This outdoor kitchen is efficiently organized from left to right with a gas grill base, a waste bin accompanied by a drawer above it, and a sink base. All cabinets, with the exception of the gas grill base, are weather-sealed for added durability. The grill base is designed to accommodate most 32" or smaller grills, providing flexibility in your choice of grill. The entire kitchen unit arrives fully assembled, ready for grill installation, saving you time and hassle. It is set up for a 20 lb. LP tank with a cutout under the grill, or it can be set up for Natural Gas, although the installer would need to make the necessary NG plumbing access. The overall dimensions of this outdoor kitchen are 67.25" in width, 36.25" in height, and 25" in depth, making it a spacious addition to your outdoor entertaining area.

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This grill is designed with a plethora of features to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. It includes three main U-burners, each delivering a substantial 20,000 BTU, as well as a 15,000 BTU infrared rear-rotisserie burner. Together, they yield a total of 75,000 BTUs for rapid and effective cooking. The grill also incorporates a 110V electronic ignition for reliable and swift startups. A bright halogen work light is built into the grill, ensuring optimal visibility regardless of external lighting conditions. Furthermore, it includes a versatile 2-position warming rack, perfect for keeping your food warm until ready to serve. Finally, it boasts a spacious grilling area of 732 square inches, offering ample space to cater to all your barbecuing needs. Artesan Grill


This grill comes with a host of features designed for optimal performance. It is equipped with three main U-burners, each with an output of 20,000 BTU, as well as a 15,000 BTU infrared rear-rotisserie burner. The combined BTU total reaches an impressive 75,000, promising efficient and quick cooking. The grill also utilizes a 110V electronic ignition system, offering reliable and convenient starting. A bright halogen work light is included to ensure excellent visibility, regardless of the lighting conditions. Moreover, it includes a 2-position warming rack to provide additional flexibility during food preparation and to keep dishes warm until serving. The grill offers a spacious cooking area of 620 square inches, ensuring you have ample room for all your grilling needs. Artesan Grill


This grill features three main U-burners, each boasting a power of 20,000 BTU, and a 15,000 BTU infrared rear-rotisserie burner, bringing the total heat output to a remarkable 75,000 BTUs. It employs a 110V electronic ignition system for easy, reliable startup. A bright halogen work light provides enhanced visibility for cooking in any light condition. Additionally, the grill has a versatile 2-position warming rack, giving you more flexibility in food preparation and keeping cooked food warm. With a generous grilling area of 546 square inches, this grill provides plenty of space for your barbecuing needs.

Artesan Grill