Calgary, we have some exciting news to share with you…

Mountain View Building Materials is Baeumler Approved!

Bryan Baeumler is a general contractor and Canadian television host, known for shows such as Disaster DIY and Leave It To Bryan. He is President and CEO of Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations Inc. and is somewhat of a Canadian hero and icon to us folks in the industry, demonstrating his continued passion for construction.

So what does Bryan Baeumler’s seal of approval mean?

The goal of “Baeumler Approved” is to help homeowners connect with contractors, trades and home service providers from all across Canada. The team at Baeumler Approved helps homeowners know what to look for and vouches for a history of good service by speaking with previous clients and collaborators. The Baeumler Approved program ensures quality and consistency in order to maintain a superior level of service in the construction and building industry.

Baeumler Approved in Calgary for selling building materials such as composite decking, flooring, fencing and more

How did Mountain View make the cut?

Baeumler Approved (BA) members must demonstrate a verifiable history of quality work and customer satisfaction. To become an approved member Mountain View went through a screening process including customer and contractor feedback, worker’s compensation and insurance checks, and verifying professional certifications and online histories.

To rate Mountain View on customer feedback, BA spoke directly with previous clients to get a sense of quality of work, level of service, pricing, follow up, and communication provided by our team. In relation to collaborating trades BA spoke with other companies and contractors we have collaborated with to ensure safety compliance, quality of work, and communication demonstrated on the job-site. Regarding insurance, we exceed the prerequisite to maintain liability insurance coverage of at least $1M, and all of our workers confirm workers compensation coverage. The BA team reviewed our professional certifications and they also created and completed an on-line history of referrals, testimonials and complaints too!

Code of Conduct:

All Baeumler Approved members are required to make a commitment to honesty, integrity, and quality service, one of which we have been exemplifying since we first  opened our doors!

Mountain View is proud to:

  • Treat customers and homeowners with courtesy and respect
  • Provide written quotes that are reasonable, honest, and fair
  • Communicate project status to the customer on a timely basis 
  • Complete work to a professional standard
  • Comply with all federal, provincial/state and municipal by-laws and regulations
  • Provide employees with training required to ensure a safe working environment 
  • Maintain insurance and comply with all health and safety regulations
  • Maintain a clean, safe workspace and respect the property of the homeowner
  • Always use a certified professional when and where applicable

This milestone solidifies that Mountain View Building materials is a top choice for homeowners, business owners, and contractors in Calgary and area to work with on building and renovation projects. Mountain View’s products and service have a demonstrated history of quality, we’re properly insured, and our staff are equipped with the industry knowledge they need, and treated as family in our family-owned and operated business.

We are proud to be, and will proudly represent what it means to be “Baeumler Approved”.

What will your next construction or renovation project be? We’re here to help!