Why the Pros like Cedar Decking


Joel from Mountain View Building Materials joins David from The Landscape Artist to discuss the benefits of cedar decking.

Cedar Decking Video Transcript

Cedar has natural chemicals in it that deter rot, deter mold, deter bugs and it is meant to last for a very very long time.

Top five things about cedar deck:

Number one - price point best bang for your buck a little bit more than treated way less than going to composite or vinyl products

Number two - locally sourced locally grown easy to get in our country

Number three - anytime you have problems with it you can edit a board stain a board paint a board replace the board so that maintenance down the road super cheap and you'll never know what happened

Number four - the smell nothing smells better than a fresh cedar deck

Number five - longevity take that soft locally sourced red cedar look and it's gonna last a lifetime when they talk about cedar roofs lasting 50 years think about your deck then it's going to last as long as you're in that home as long as you take care of it every couple years.

Bonus - with cedar decking is the actual maintenance of your cedar deck has gotten considerably easier over the years with the invention of penetrating oil stains no more sanding no more stripping you just put another coat over top of your old one and you're good to go looking brand new again why is cedar better than that spruce treated mix

Why is cedar better than that spruce treated mix?

Right, so cedar decking is kind of the gold standard of wood decking for a number of reasons, one it looks beautiful, arguably the best looking deck board out there, two it's local to our country it grows in bc we can get it and it's a nice local product, and three cedar has natural chemicals in it that deter rot deter mold deter bugs and it's meant to last for a very very long time.

Well talk about splintering too when you look at um people in the industry uh always talk about that spruce is a harder wood cedar is a softer wood yeah so if splintering were to happen how is that looking on a cedar deck?

Well that's the nice part about cedar decks is if you do get the splintering or if you do get any scratches on it it is a soft wood so it's very easy to repair. If you want to sand it you can sand it out, if you need another quick coat of stain to put down on it you can put another quick coat of stain down on it, but if you just want to let it go let it go without any stain on it it turns a beautiful grayish patina color that's very attractive as well.

So as an installer of both cedar and treated we tend to always push all of our clients to cedar because of the longevity of the actual wood itself right all the chemicals that make it up but also because of this thing that you're bringing up if you have anything go wrong with it it is so easy to sand stain paint whatever you like whatever you prefer even replace without knowing. With treated stuff sometimes you have there's a waiting period where you can stain it or or sometimes the the treated composition looks a little different so it stands out but with cedar you can match right away so again what we're talking about is permanent products everybody, is the cedar is a permanent product that if maintained even if one or two or three boards you know...