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When choosing your composite decking, the type of composite that best suits your project is important. Let's give you some information to make your composite deck board choice easier.


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Let’s Talk Composite Decking for CALGARY & Surrounding Area

Composite Decking has rapidly grown in popularity since its inception in the early ‘90s. This can be attributed to its extreme low maintenance characteristics, its workability, and its ever increasing aesthetic appeal. Its hard to not find a composite deck board now that won’t meet a clients exact color and use specifications, where in the early ‘90s these things were very limiting.

Here at Mountain View we carry arguably the largest selection of composite decking in Calgary, with 19 different Deck Boards varying in colour. Our composite deck materials are sourced from top manufacturers like Fiberon, Azek, Timbertech, Deckorators, Trex, and other major brands suitable for use in Alberta’s climate. 

Composite deck boards can be divided into 3 main categories, each with their own different benefits, including:

  • Traditional Wood Fiber Composite Decking
  • PVC Composite or High Density Cellular Composite Decking
  • Mineral Based Composite Decking (Exclusive to the Deckorators Evovation boards)

Hot or Not? – Where will your composite deck be located?

One Common question we get asked regarding composite decking is “does it get too hot to walk on in the summer?” Or “I hear the PVC Composite Decking is cool in the summer where Traditional Composite is Hot, is that true?

To answer this question, friends of ours at The Ultimate Deck Shop in Regina Saskatchewan conducted an experiment. They laid out samples of all the composite decking they could get their hands on, in their parking lot, on a 30 degree Celsius day, and took regular surface temperature readings of all the Composite Deck Samples.

The results showed that although there was some variability in surface temperature readings between Traditional Composite, PVC, and Mineral Based Core Boards, there was a greater variability between Composite Board Colors. Regardless of the make up of the core of the board, darker colored boards were hotter and retained more heat longer than lighter colored boards.

When selecting your composite deck boards, keep in mind:

Areas with low exposure to the sun:

  • Any and all board you choose will perform well

Areas with high exposure to the sun:

  • Choose lighter colored boards if you want the decking to be “cooler” to walk on
  • I say “cooler” as all composite boards get warm, but lighter colored boards will be less warm

Areas with large temperature swings:

  • Choose a lighter colored Mineral Based Composite Board due to its unique minimal thermal expansion properties

Features common between all composite deck boards:

  • Low to no maintenance required

  • Invisible Fastener compatible by any one of the multiple fastener options available

  • Multiple color options and product lines by each manufacturer to meet clients budgets and needs

  • Substantial Manufacturer Warranties

  • Can be installed over top standard deck framing

We do our very best to source our products as locally and sustainably as possible, and ensure the highest-quality products to meet the demands of Alberta’s unique climate.

From design to choosing the building materials for your new deck, we’ll connect you with a contractor to complete your build and work with you every step of the way to ensure your deck is done right.

When we understand your location, budget, style, and maintenance needs, we will be able to help you make the best decisions for your decking project!