We’re a project-based local business…

What does that mean for our customers?

Are you looking for a product or project based business to meet your needs?

Scenario 1: Product-Based Business

A customer steps into a shop and tells the associate working what products they need in order to build their project. The products are brought out, they complete the purchase, and the interaction ends there.

Great when you know what you’re looking for – not so great if you don’t and want to explore and understand all of your different options and lean on experts to get you where you are going… 

When it comes to building materials, renovations, and construction projects – new innovations arrive each year, and not everyone knows what materials are best for the specifications of their projects, what the latest and greatest trends are,  what tools and accessories they may need, and what competitive pricing looks like.  


At Mountain View, it’s OUR JOB to know all of this and more.

We know exactly what the going rates for quality products and projects is. We know what’s new, and what’s trendy. We know product origins and features, and exactly what makes different materials unique and better suited for different jobs. We work with all types of budgets and can point you in the best direction to meet your needs. We’re family owned, and local. We offer years of experience across our team and even have the Chairman of the Western Retail Lumber Association, Joel Siebert, as one of our leaders.

Scenario 2: Project-Based Business

A customer steps into a shop and tells the associate working what project they’re looking to build or have built for them. The associate asks questions to get a better understanding of the customer’s project goals, function, and aesthetic. Based on the answers received, the associate can provide their best and unbiased advice.

Is this an indoor or outdoor project?

Is this a commercial or residential project?

Do you have pets with nails that could damage this project?

What colours exist in your space that you would like to tie in?

This is us! We’re a project-based business that Calgarians can count on. We take stress and doubt out of your processes and make sure that you will be 100% satisfied with your finished project.

Founded on quality, service, and knowledge, we’re customer-focused and ready to work with, and for you on your next building project.

For homeowners, DIY-ers, projects contractors, custom home builders, we strive each and every day to be the very best building supplier in Calgary and the surrounding area.

“Great staff, great service, great materials! Easy to deal with and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.”
– Adam, Google Review

“Amazing service and staff! By far the best stocked supplier In the city for all your deck, fence and timber projects. Every order has been handled with great professionalism and care always going above and beyond!”

– Iron Owl, Google Review

“Energetic, knowledgeable staff that has a line on the best products for interior and exterior projects – from a new build to DIY projects. Nice dogs too!”

– Glenn, Google Review