Project Feature – The Moose Hotel and Suites

Spirited and alive with adventure, the town of Banff attracts tourists from around the world to enjoy the beautiful and rugged surrounding mountain landscapes. As a National Park and Heritage Site, building requirements are in place to ensure the buildings and structures of Banff compliment the natural surroundings and reflect the towns history. Banff’s building requirements include sensitivity to nature and the use of rustic natural materials; the exact type of materials that you can depend on Mountain View Building Materials to supply! 

Banff emphasizes structural expression and strong roof forms, respect for the pedestrian environment, and the use of decorative details and finishing to provide relief and texture. These considerations are explicitly important for all building projects and the building materials used. 

Before construction began on the Moose Hotel & Suites, there were many factors to consider when choosing materials and contractors to execute the project. With prior experience working with Banff Caribou Properties, Mountain View was invited to bid on the exterior materials for the upcoming Moose Hotel project.