Now introducing Mountain View’s Solid Western Red Cedar Garden Boxes!

Warmer weather is finally here, YAY! With Spring 2020 in full effect and weather in the double digits for Calgary and the surrounding area, yard work and gardening are on our minds. Whether you’re an experienced gardener, or a newbie who’s interested in making the most of quarantine by adding gardening to your list of hobbies, we have the perfect gardening boxes for you!


Our ready-to-go Cedar Garden Boxes are available in 2 sizes, 4×4 and 4×8 feet. We love cedar because it’s naturally resistant to bacteria and fungi and contains natural oils that allows these boxes to stand the test of time.


The best part about these Cedar Garden Boxes is that they come in an easy-to-install kit; all you need is a screwdriver! Each piece is cut with the right holes and comes with hardware so that all you need to do is screw into place. We’ve designed them to ensure there will be no overflow dirt or water leaks from the boxes and since Cedar wood is also thermal coefficient, no matter how hot the summer sun gets, your plants’ roots will stay cool. If you want us to actually assemble the kit for you prior to pick-up, you can also just ask when you order, because we’re all about making things as easy for our customer – you’ll just need a truck big enough!


Standard Box: 

4 foot x 4 foot x 9 ½ “ high

Ready for  ½ cubic yard of soil

$110.00 for cedar 

$15.75 for black timber screws 

Large Box: 

4 foot x 8 foot x 9 ½ “ high

ready for 1 cubic yard of soil

$165.00 for cedar 

$15.75 for black timber screws 


Raised-bed gardening is without a doubt our favourite way to grow vegetables in Calgary and the surrounding area. In raised-bed gardening, the soil is enclosed in containment units, in this case Cedar wood. The soil inside is therefore raised above the surrounding soil and can be cared for separately from the rest of your garden or yard, and enriched with compost right from your kitchen if you please! Once you’ve filled your Cedar Garden Box with soil, you can enjoy a fun afternoon activity with your family, or peacefully by yourself to plant and then all you have to do is watch your babies grow! 

Cedar Garden Boxes are great for growing an array of our favourite vegetables in Calgary:


Easy to grow and quick to mature. Space out your harvest by successive planting every 2 weeks! Sprinkle the seeds in rows on the soil surface. Leaf lettuce seeds are small, so sow thinly. Cover the seeds with ¼ inch of fine soil. Space rows 18 inches apart. Thin the lettuce once the seedlings have sprouted leaving 6 to 8 inches between each plant.


A quick grower and great producer. Sow the seeds directly into the soil after the last frost date. Sow seeds 1 inch deep. Sow 3 seeds in each spot you want a plant to grow and thin to the strongest one. Space zucchinis 18 to 24 inches apart in rows 36 to 48 inches apart. Zucchini requires full sun and needs to be watered regularly once the plant is established.


Healthy and an excellent source of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamin C. Sow seeds directly in the garden one month before the last frost date. Sow 1 inch deep, and 3 inches apart. Space rows 12 inches apart. Beet seeds are actually compound seeds; several individual beet seeds are contained in one seed. When the plants are about three inches tall, thin the beets to one per every 3 inches.


Performs best in cold weather. It does well here in Calgary because of our cool spring weather. Plant seeds once the soil can be worked. Sow ½ inch deep and approximately 3 inches apart. Space rows 10 inches apart. Thin plants to 12 inches apart when they are 4 to 5 inches tall.


Fussy to grow sometimes, but the taste of home grown carrots is worth the effort!

Sprinkle the seeds in rows on the soil surface. Carrot seeds are small, so sow thinly. Cover the seeds with ¼ inch of fine soil. Space rows 12 inches apart. It is very important to thin carrots in order to allow them room to grow. Thin young plants when they are 1 inch high leaving 1-2 inches between plants. As they grow, carrots push up, out of the soil, so hill soil up to prevent getting a green shoulder.


Consistent, deep watering required. The more direct sunlight, the more flavour but be sure to keep soil moist in hot weather. Tomatoes can be deeply planted since roots can form along the length of the stems. Plant them at 18- to 24-inch spacing. Don’t worry about letting the plants lean to one side; in a few days, they straighten up on their own. Water tomatoes regularly to avoid blossom-end rot, which is caused when the soil is allowed to dry out. Keep the soil moist but not soggy!

PRO TIP:  incorporate high-quality potting mix (rather than garden soil) with your compost for the best results! Soil in raised-bed gardens also drains well, which is excellent for vegetable roots as, much like us, they don’t like cold feet. When deciding where to set up your garden, keep in mind that the spot should offer plenty of sunshine – at least 8 hours per day.


Ready to get planting? A reminder that we have a 6 foot area taped off for pick-up orders to keep contact at a minimum as we manage the novel coronavirus.  We ask that you please call the shop prior to your arrival so we can confirm that your order is ready for you. We also ask that you please take precautionary measures on your end by washing your hands prior to arrival, as well as bring clean gloves to wear.

We do have reduced hours, open Monday to Friday from 8am – 4pm, and as always you can contact us with any questions!

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