There were over 2,000 wildfires in BC alone last year, the top 10 of which destroyed nearly 2,600 square miles. This topped the record set the year before. Two massive burn years in a row has caused log shortages which started mill curtailments late last year.  West Fraser mills alone is reducing production by 300 million board feet this year. As of March 1, Alberta and BC have officially started wildfire season again. A combination of the reduction in lumber supply, road closures, and logging equipment reassigned to help fight the forest fires caused shortages in available construction materials and increased prices. This may not impact homeowners immediately but will potentially slow down housing starts.

What does this mean to you?   If you are in the construction industry, you should consider putting in your orders early to avoid longer than normal lead-times that could delay your projects.  We can also help you avoid potential price hikes as supply gets tight with some products.

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