Exterior Renovation Trends for 2020

At Mountain View Building Materials, we are fortunate to work with fantastic architects, exterior designers, and home builders who build beautiful homes in Calgary and the surrounding areas, like Springbank, Cochrane, Bearspaw, Priddis, and Bragg Creek. Every day, different blueprints, project renderings, and amazing ideas pass through our doors from the best designers and contractors around. With our commitment to locally-sourced and high-quality products, and unmatched passion for what we do, we’re lucky to be a part of some of these amazing projects. (Remember the Moose Hotel?) This also means we get to see a lot of trend setting designs, and closely follow the evolution of home building each year in the city of Calgary to the Rocky Mountains, Foothills, and beyond.

So, what’s new for 2020? 

Designs are trending AWAY from:

  • traditional peaked or sweeping roof lines
  • gable buildouts
  • craftsman details 

Design trends are moving IN FAVOUR OF:

  • flat roof lines
  • exaggerated soffit overhangs
  • strategically placed exterior lighting
  • simple, yet sophisticated finishing details 

The above design and building trends give a modern feel to the exterior of the house, and the overall aesthetic of your home can be differentiated by the building materials you select!

For 2020, natural wood finishes are prevalent in designs due to the workability of natural wood as a building material. Custom run siding profiles & colors specific to the client and designers requests are increasingly commonplace, and brands like Goodfellow Inc. are now pre-finishing LP SmartSide (one of the most durable sidings available) in-house in various stocked colours and unlimited custom colours under the product name GoodStyle.

Custom designs are encouraged at Mountain View Building Materials, because why would you want your dream home to look exactly like someone else’s?! Our passion is helping your from inspiration and dreaming phases to actual design and then execution in the building process.

For 2020, natural stone veneers are making way for more uniform stone coverings in exterior home building, while bevel siding is making way for shiplap or large panels. Tongue in groove V-joint material is making way for square edge penny gap material, and ultimately everything is trending towards crisp & clean finishes.

So what about colours? 

One word to describe exterior colour trends that are hot right now is contrast! 

Lots of black, dark blue, and charcoal siding is being paired with solid white or clear finished natural wood trim. On square or linear looking houses, this can create amazing depth and texture

Did you know that almost every exterior finish available at Mountain View Building Materials can be made bespoke to your request?

Come and visit our Exterior Design Showroom located in Springbank, just 5 minutes west of Calgary on Highway 1, and together we can craft an exterior that will be the envy of the neighborhood! Our home building materials experts will help you choose the colours and materials so that your home is exactly what you pinned on Pinterest or found on Houzz or dreamt of in your dreams at night