You’re Invited to our Contractor Lunch & Learn:

Social Media 101 for Contractors

In 2023, social media is no longer an option. It is a necessary, critical tool to build your brand, communicate your message, grow your customer base and business.

When we realized we were missing opportunities by not utilizing social media to its full potential… we hired the experts at YYC3 to help us create a strategy and execute it. Almost 4 years later… we can tell you, social doesn’t have to suck, and it absolutely works. 

We want to share what we’ve learned with you! So, our next Lunch and Learn is a Social Media Marketing 101 for Contractors and Landscapers.

This session is dedicated to “uncomplicating” social media marketing for professionals in the lumber and building materials  industry. Whether you’re a designer, project manager, framer, deck builder, landscaper, renovator of any kind… we can guarantee you’re going to walk away with a renewed enthusiasm for social media and tips you can apply right away! 

The team at YYC3 believes “if you’re going to do something, do it right”, a sentiment we share at MVBM when it comes to all the projects we help our customers build.

Led by digital marketing expert, Hayley Bendzik from YYC3, this lunch & learn session will leave you with simple, actionable items that you can implement into your regular business processes. Social media shouldn’t feel like a burden. After this session, you will have a better understanding of how to utilize social media and apply it to your small business.

Expect to cover: 

  • Defining your goals, audience, and brand 
  • Profile optimization
  • Facebook & Instagram content strategies 
  • Content pillars and best practices 
  • Hashtags, tags, collaborator posts 
  • Engagement (what the heck is it?)
  • And other tips, tricks, and tools perfect for beginners